SilverStar English

In the Digital Academy, you will have learned all the new techniques from the "SilverStar" course. You will have gained the necessary confidence in working with the calligraphers and will be able to develop your creativity freely. After this course, you will be officially certified and can use the title "calligraphy cut SilverStar".

The time has come: register here for SilverStar certification.

The SilverStar certification includes

  • Brief review and clarification of open questions with the calligraphy cut trainer
  • Cutting of two looks with BlackStar Step 2 and SilverStar techniques
  • Free exchange of the black for the silver handle of the calligrapher

With the purchase of the SilverUpgrade you are entitled to this certification.

What you need:

For the approx. 3 hour certification you will need:

  • the calligraphy pen
  • A practice head
  • the tripod
  • sufficient blades
  • your personal tools
  • a charging cable for your mobile phone/laptop

dates for 2024 coming soon

We reserve the right to cancel appointments even at short notice.